Superior Auction Program


Good nutrition has come to the forefront as one of the keys to healthy, profitable cattle.

The goal is to raise healthy, predictable and profitable cattle. The BioZyme® VitaFerm® Raised and Gain Smart™ programs are designed to do just that. Specifically, these programs assure cattle minimize the effects of stressors like transportation, shrink, co-mingling, processing/handling and new diet acclimation. BioZyme Inc. products are specifically designed to promote proper rumen fermentation and gut health, by containing the natural, proprietary prebiotic, AMAFERM®, along with a balanced nutritional profile of minerals, proteinated trace minerals and vitamins.

Feeding the Gain Smart program with the Amaferm® advantage:

  • Makes the most of the cheapest feed available to any stocker: forage
  • Accelerates gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency
  • Improves health by reducing the impact of stress, the largest sucker of immunity
  • Pays a 3 to 1 return through more gain, more health

    How to Become Eligible for Value-Added Program Emblem

    Calf must have been backgrounded for a minimum of 45 days prior to sale through delivery on a Gain Smart mineral.For more information, contact BioZyme Inside Sales at (816) 344-5748, Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales (South) at (816)344-5742 or your Superior Livestock Auction representative.