Gain Smart® Balancer RU1600

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David Irwin, Red Rock Land & Cattle

“Gain Smart is something that we have come to depend on. We have tried other products but we feel that Gain Smart is very cost-effective. We don’t worry so much about cost per pound of feed as much as you worry about pounds that these animals are putting on. They’re converting pasture to beef and that’s the name of the game in our business.”
-David Irwin, Red Rock Land & Cattle

A vitamin and mineral supplement for stocker cattle with rumensin designed to maximize efficient gain and balance high grain diets when mixing TMR rations.



  • Contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility.
  • Contains rumensin for improved feed efficiency.
  • Includes organic copper, iodine and zinc for maximum bioavailability and hoof health.


Thoroughly mix monensin Type B Medicated Feed into the appropriate amount of non-medicated feed to obtain 5-40 g/ton monensin in the Type C Medicated feed. No additional improvement in feed efficiency has been shown from feeding monensin at levels greater than 30 g/ton (360 mg monensin per head, per day)
Monensin Level In Type C Medicated Feed Amount of Type B Medicated Feed to make a ton of Type C Medicated Feed Amount of Non-Medicated Feed
5 6.25 1993.75
10 12.5 1987.5
20 25 1975
30 37.5 1962.5
40* 50 1950
*Feeding 10 lb. of the 40 g/ton Type C feed will provide 200 mg of monensin from 4 oz. of VitaFerm® Gain Smart® Balancer RU1600 Medicated Type B.


  • Sheep


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