Roger Buchanan

Roger Buchanan, Flying V Ranch

“60-days ago we started weighing calves. The last 2 days we’ve been weighing again and the calves that were on VitaFerm® Protein Tubs and VitaFerm Gain Smart® Stocker mineral gained on average of 4.8 lbs. per day. The ones that were on a different tub and different mineral managed to gain 2.1 lbs. per day on average. I have a good feed and vaccination program to go along with it. I’ve been using VitaFerm Concept•Aid® Protein and HEAT® for cows, replacement heifers and calves and Vita Charge® Stress Tubs just for fresh weaning calves the last 2 years and the difference in the cattle is very noticeable. The stress on the momma cow has decreased while nursing, she’s producing more milk, cycling on time, spending more time grazing and the sheen on the hair coats is remarkable. I don’t usually recommend products unless I’ve used them first hand and for a minimum of 2 years, but I highly recommend VitaFerm. Hands down it is the best mineral supplement I’ve used and I have used so many I couldn’t name them all. I will go straight to VitaFerm from now on.”