Steve Tate, Tate’s Teetrn’ Bulls, Kentucky

“I started using the VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® last spring on my cows, and I have noticed a difference on my breeding window, calf growth and recently on getting my donor cow to flush. Normally, it would take a couple of months to breed my cows, and I’ve already had all my calves within three weeks this year. I just took my donor cow, from a superior and rare line of genetics of bucking stock to get flushed at Trans Ova. They got 52 oocytes, that had a 40% embryo conversion rate, and they told me their average is 30%. Out of the embryos, I got 17 grade 1 and two grade 2, and I’m pretty excited about that! This cow is just one of two daughters by a particular bull still in production, and about five years ago, a straw of semen out of her sire was going for $15,000, so I’m hopeful to get some great calves out of this flush. I will be using the Concept•Aid 5/S on my recips before putting the eggs in.”