Video Series Offers Timely Industry Information

Time and money. The two things are precious commodities to those in the cattle business. There never seems to be enough of either, but with the new Gain Smart® Money Saving Minute, cattle feeders can learn valuable information about how to increase their bottom line in just a few short minutes a month.

Launched in March as a weekly video series, the Gain Smart Money Saving Minute features timely industry topics and how they influence and impact profitability. Beginning in April, the sessions will air once a month. All sessions are archived under the media tab and are available to watch 24/7.

“We created this informational series to help cattle men and women learn more about how to put healthy, economical pounds on their calves and put more dollars in their pocket,” said Ashley Fitzsimmons, BioZyme® Regional and Gain Smart Marketing Coordinator. “I encourage everyone to watch the archived episodes and stay tuned for the monthly broadcasts to learn ways to increase efficiencies in their operations.”

The first three episodes highlighted the key benefits of the Amaferm® advantage. Amaferm is a precision prebiotic designed to increase intake, digestibility and intake, while increasing gut health of the animal. While feeding Amaferm, research has shown absorption rates increase up to 30%, meaning your cattle get 30% more nutritional benefit from the feedstuff they are eating. Amaferm is found in all four of the Gain Smart minerals, and because of its benefits, cattle are getting increased energy at a lower cost. Energy input costs are high, and so feeding Amaferm found in the Gain Smart line helps lower costs, while keeping the gut healthy and saving on treating sick calves.

John Jeffrey, BioZyme Feedlot – Stocker Business Development Manager, also walks the viewers through real-life examples of cost calculations showing the economic benefits of feeding Amaferm.

In a time where every dollar saved, counts, Jeffrey uses multiple scenarios to show how feeders can capture more profitability in their operation, by increasing their feed efficiency – something everyone can appreciate. When every pound counts and every dollar counts, you can count on Amferm to help you increase gains and boost your efficiency, which will add to your bottom line.

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