cattle weight gain supplement

Gain Smart®: An Ideal Cattle Weight Gain Supplement 

Cattle Weight Gain Supplement Soon, if not already, calves will be turned out to grass. The end goal – healthy, efficient pounds. Gain Smart® is a cattle weight gain supplement that can help producers achieve that goal, and we know that because we have the research to prove it.  The Benefits of a Cattle Weight […]

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best cattle feed for weight gain

The Best Cattle Feed for Weight Gain  

For every 25 producers reading this blog, there will be 25 different opinions on how to manage and feed calves for the best return on investment. That’s because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best cattle feed for weight gain depends on various factors, including the age and breed of the cattle, their nutritional requirements, […]

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Heat Stress Treatment in Cattle

A Guide to Heat Stress Treatment in Cattle 

Heat Stress Treatment in Cattle Heat stress in cattle—it’s no joke. As spring gives way to warmer days and summer is on the horizon, temperatures are on the rise. Producers and backgrounders are going to have to think about both the prevention and treatment of heat stress in their operations.  Although prevention is always preferred […]

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heat stress in cattle

How to Treat Heat Stress in Cattle 

Heat Stress in Cattle As cattle producers, when the temperature rises, you begin to feel the pressure of keeping the herd healthy and performing. The warmer it gets outside, the more your herd runs the risk of decreased performance, increased sickness and, ultimately, economic losses. Put yourself in the shoes of the stocker operator, this […]

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How to Beat the Heat in the Summer

Heat stress can be a challenge for cattle. Performing in the summer heat isn’t an easy task, yet it is something every producer expects them to do. One byproduct of rumen fermentation is heat. That’s a huge reason for cows to change their grazing behavior. When they’re bunched together in the shade or standing in […]

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Experienced Cattlemen Relies on Amaferm® Advantage 24/7

With nearly half a century in the cattle business, Steve Groves has learned from his experiences, both good and bad. But when he learned about the advantages that a precision prebiotic offered his herd from conception through weaning, that was one experience he wasn’t going to let slip away. In fact, he believes in the […]

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Defining the Stocker Business

The cattle business can easily be broken into three distinct segments: the cow-calf enterprise, stocker operators and feeders. Most people are familiar with the first and last phases: cow-calf producers are visible at sales and with their newborn calves along country roads. The feeders are also fairly obvious, with massive feedlots full of cattle growing […]

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How to Choose the Best Mineral for Stocker Cattle on Pasture

When it comes to backgrounding your cattle and keeping them healthy, there are a lot of choices that exist. All of the options might make your head spin, but look no further than the Gain Smart® line to produce healthy, efficient pounds.   Gain Smart is a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for beef cattle with the Amaferm® advantage that promotes […]

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Don’t Take Risk with Your Feeding Program

Risk. It’s a term everyone in the livestock business is familiar with. But why take additional risk on sets of already high-risk calves that you plan to background and sell? With a premium nutrition program that jump-starts their feed and water intake and keeps them eating and growing, you can put that extra risk behind […]

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Grazing Time Equates Gaining Time

When cattle are not grazing, they are not gaining. There’s nothing simpler to understand than that when it comes to basic animal husbandry and care. For Wyoming rancher and manager of the Rattle Snake Grazing Association Dusty Citron, keeping them eating and putting on pounds is key to success.  Citron manages about 1,000 yearlings and […]

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