Profitability Starts with Faster Gains

Profitability should be the goal to every business enterprise. How you obtain that profit can be tricky, especially in agriculture; however, when your plan works and you attain your goals, satisfaction is achieved. 

“Sometimes it goes good, and sometimes I want to pull my hair out.”  

That sentiment shared by cattleman Dakota Dalrymple of Enterprise, Alabama, might be the same shared across the country on any given day. However, for the co-owner of 3D Cattle Co., a multi-faceted cattle operation, Dalrymple has tested many nutrition programs and has found one that helps him get the most return for his investment. He prefers the 3-step Gain Smart® Stocker Program. 

Dalrymple takes in outside cattle to precondition for customers. Every calf that comes to his place gets started with a dose of Vita Charge® Cattle Drench. The Vita Charge Drench contains Amaferm®, a precision prebiotic designed to impact intake, digestion and absorption, organic trace minerals and essential vitamins to stimulate the immune system and to ensure that feed intake stays consistent. Added enzymes work with Amaferm to generate a more rapid digestive response. The Drench provides a jump start to the digestive system to protect cattle during stress and does not interfere with antibiotics. 

Next, he makes sure that every trap of calves has access to a Vita Charge® Stress Tub. In addition to the prebiotic Amaferm, to help jump-start their digestive systems, the Stress Tubs also contain MOS to trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm. They also come with a probiotic to help restore the gut microbiome during times of stress. 

“Any calf I get on the place gets a dose of the Drench. I believe it promotes good gut health and helps gets the cattle going. I also use the MOS Tubs starting out these cattle. I believe it’s crucial when starting out the preconditioning of these cattle because it gets them eating, and it gets their gut going, while it provides a good source of protein for them while they are in a time of stress,” he said. 

Once the calves are straightened out, Dalrymple makes sure their nutritional needs are met with the Gain Smart® Stocker mineral. This loose mineral also contains Amaferm as well as organic copper and zinc plus added iodine for maximum bioavailability to the animal to support hoof health and immunity. Amaferm is research-proven to promote calf health and vigor and stimulate digestion and nutrient absorption of forage for optimum gain. 

“I’ve run enough tests with minerals that I can tell you if you use the Gain Smart mineral, you’re going to out gain and outperform any mineral out there. I generally have seen anywhere from one-third to one-half pound more gain per day on my calves. It’s money well spent,” Dalrymple said. 

When every pound counts and everyday counts, it is important to get the most out of your nutrients.  

“It is crucial in what I’m doing to get them started early and get them going. That’s the only way you can make money on cattle is grow cattle and get a return on your money. The best way to do that is get weight on them as quick as you can,” Dalrymple said. 

Long-time Vita Charge and Gain Smart user Dalrymple has tried other minerals. He’s done his homework and he’s measured the results. He prefers the results that allow him to maximize profitability. Those results come from the 1-2-3 punch of the Gain Smart Stocker Program with the Vita Charge Cattle Drench and Stress Tubs. 

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