Feeding for Success: Efficient Pounds with Minimal Inputs Increase Profits

Having a positive bottom line in your stocker operation is essential. When profitability is driven by pounds of product, doesn’t it make sense to add as much gain as efficiently as possible while keeping your input costs at a minimum? That is what the Gain Smart® mineral from BioZyme® can do for you.  

“You’re going to be spending money on mineral. All you have to do is choose the Gain Smart mineral right for your management scenario, set it out, and watch your calves gain more pounds while typically staying healthier,” said Shane Schaake, BioZyme Area Sales Manager for Kansas. 

He explained how the Gain Smart mineral can result in a 3:1 return on your mineral investment. 

Many producers don’t realize they are leaving pounds on the table until they switch to the Gain Smart mineral. Four formulas are available, depending if you are backgrounding on grass, grazing on wheat or other small grains or feeding grain in a lot. However, every formula contains Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to impact intake, feed digestibility and nutrient absorption for optimum gain. Research has shown an average gain of at least a quarter pound per head per day on the Gain Smart mineral. 

Next, with added organic copper, iodine and zinc for maximum availability and eye and foot health, backgrounders are saving time and money on treating sick calves. 

And the Gain Smart Balancer RU1600 includes rumensin for increased feed efficiency. This formula is designed to balance out the high grain diets.  

“The Gain Smart Balancer is unique and an ideal mineral for small backgrounder yards because of the rumensin to help increase gains efficiently, while balancing out the diet on a grain regimen,” Schaake said.  

Not only does the Amaferm advantage in the Gain Smart mineral help increase gains, Amaferm combined with the vitamin and mineral package helps optimize health of the animals. Schaake said he has a customer who backgrounds calves and retains ownership through the feed yard who has had a lower death loss and fewer treated calves in the feed lot since starting on the Gain Smart Stocker mineral while his calves are on grass.  

“That makes the stocker proud in to take those calves to the feed lot when they go healthy, ready to eat and drink and they have fewer to treat,” he said. 

Schaake recommends feeding Gain Smart to fresh-weaned calves 45 to 60 days of age before they are ever shipped or sold to help get their health in check. Further, if a producer is already selling through Superior, Gain Smart is one of the original value-added nutrition programs endorsed by Superior, to help ensure buyers are getting healthy cattle. Your return on investment continues to grow, when selling through a value-added program. 

If an investment in your calves’ health and growability is what you’ve been looking for to achieve more pounds and more profit, the Gain Smart mineral program is the program you’ve been looking for. 

Healthy, efficient pounds are possible. Posting a profit is achievable. Reach your goals of healthy, growthy calves with the Gain Smart program and put more dollars in your pocket.  

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