How to Beat the Heat in the Summer

Heat stress can be a challenge for cattle. Performing in the summer heat isn’t an easy task, yet it is something every producer expects them to do. One byproduct of rumen fermentation is heat. That’s a huge reason for cows to change their grazing behavior. When they’re bunched together in the shade or standing in a pond, these cattle are not working for you. Fortunately, BioZyme® Inc., makes products for livestock to help them beat the heat and perform to their potential.  

The HEAT® technology is a combination of essential oils and garlic to support animals when heat and insects are a challenge. BioZyme has incorporated its HEAT technology across its family of brands to help all cattle beat the heat regardless of if they are stockers out on pasture, cows in gestation or show cattle trying to win a purple banner. 

“HEAT is one of the greatest resources we can offer our customers. The ingredients work to promote blood flow, helping animals maintain a normal body temperature in extreme heat or when grazing fescue. Combine that with the garlic, which helps deter insects, and the HEAT technology is a bonus to Amaferm®, which help keeps the rumen functioning properly during heat stress,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme Beef Technical Sales Manager.  

Healthy, Efficient Pounds 

For stockers or fresh-weaned calves out on grass, the Gain Smart® Stocker HEAT® is an ideal free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement designed to maximize efficient gain when temperatures are above 70 degrees. In addition to the HEAT technology, it contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility, and organic copper, iodine and zinc for maximum bioavailability and hoof health.  

One advantage of HEAT technology is it keeps cattle out grazing longer. If cattle are not grazing, they are not gaining. BioZyme customer Rex Claxton has used the Gain Smart Stocker HEAT and knows the benefits. 

“We put the Gain Smart HEAT to the test, especially in the summer. We have a lot of drought-stressed, heat-stressed calves. That’s when we buy a lot of calves when everybody is out of grass including ourselves. We feed about 2% of their body weight in commodity ration, DDG-based feed. I’m a firm believer of the HEAT in the summer. You see the cattle grazing more, spread out more, they aren’t bunched up under the shade tree panting. It seems like they get out and hustle more and are not as stressed about the heat. They seem to stay cooler, and if we can keep them cooler, we can keep them more comfortable, they will definitely perform better. Anything we can do to keep them comfortable will help them perform,” he said. 

Get ‘em Bred, Keep ‘em Bred 

For cows that have just started their gestation cycle in late spring and early summer, the heat can be a challenge. However, customers from across the country rely on the combination of Amaferm and the HEAT technology to keep their cows bred and grazing during the summer. 

“We’ve been using the VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® for several years and have seen a lot better conception rates in our cows. As a cooperator herd for Deppe Angus, we do primarily A.I. and embryo work, so it is very important to have all of our cows on the right vitamins and minerals like we find in VitaFerm. Last summer we fed the VitaFerm Concept•Aid HEAT, and our cows took the heat and were in better shape, especially out on the fescue like we have here in Southern Iowa,” said customer Andy Joos. 

“We’ve been using VitaFerm products in our cattle operation for the last two years. We put VitaFerm and another mineral side-by-side, and the cattle would always go to the VitaFerm. The Concept•Aid is a really good mineral. While using this product, our cows have taken to breeding much more easily, and we were able to move a group up about 45 days with 75% of them being bred during their first heat cycle. We tried the Concept•Aid HEAT® this summer and the cattle seemed to handle the humid, hot days easier,” said Timmy Mills, TNT Family Farms in North Carolina. 

Other HEAT Options 

BioZyme incorporates the HEAT technology into a variety of other products, including the Vita Charge® Stress Tub HEAT®. The convenient, easy-to-use tub for cattle is designed to support digestive health and intake when temperatures are above 70 degrees. 

For show livestock, Sure Champ® Extreme with ClariFly® is a pelleted, daily supplement designed to support hoof health, hair coat and performance when temperatures are above 70 degrees. Ideal for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, this product contains the HEAT technology, Amaferm, ClariFly, and MOS. 

Regardless of if you are grazing calves, cows or getting show livestock prepped to win, you want and expect them to perform. Don’t let the stress of summer temperatures stop them from grazing, gaining and gestating. Beat the heat with products with the HEAT technology from BioZyme.  

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