best cattle feed for weight gain

The Best Cattle Feed for Weight Gain  

For every 25 producers reading this blog, there will be 25 different opinions on how to manage and feed calves for the best return on investment. That’s because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best cattle feed for weight gain depends on various factors, including the age and breed of the cattle, their nutritional requirements, […]

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heat stress in cattle

How to Treat Heat Stress in Cattle 

Heat Stress in Cattle As cattle producers, when the temperature rises, you begin to feel the pressure of keeping the herd healthy and performing. The warmer it gets outside, the more your herd runs the risk of decreased performance, increased sickness and, ultimately, economic losses. Put yourself in the shoes of the stocker operator, this […]

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Eating Right is Important for Cattle, Too

Fourth in a Series based on 1980s Ads Featuring BioZyme® Founder   Who doesn’t enjoy a properly prepared, balanced meal? For some, an ideal dinner might include a juicy, grilled steak packed with zinc, iron, protein, amino acids and multiple B vitamins, a green leafy salad filled with fiber, Vitamins A & C, a baked potato, that […]

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Experienced Cattlemen Relies on Amaferm® Advantage 24/7

With nearly half a century in the cattle business, Steve Groves has learned from his experiences, both good and bad. But when he learned about the advantages that a precision prebiotic offered his herd from conception through weaning, that was one experience he wasn’t going to let slip away. In fact, he believes in the […]

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West Texas Rancher to be Featured on The American Rancher

Health and nutrition work synergistically to help livestock reach their optimum performance. That’s why Kevin Hamlin, Big Spring, Texas, relies on the Amaferm® advantage found in the Gain Smart® line to provide his calves what they need year-round.  “It’s a 365-day a year job. They are living animals. You just can’t box them up and put ‘em in […]

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