How to Optimize Calf Weight Gain Per Day  

calf weight gain per day

Calf Weight Gain Per Day

Several factors can influence calf weight gain per day on your herd post-weaning. Breed makeup, genetics, management and nutrition all play a role in the growth and performance that your cattle experience. All of those things you, as the producer or feeder, have control over. 

For beef cattle, a general target for average daily gain (ADG), post-weaning should range between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds per day. Once calves transition from backgrounding to the finishing phase, they are more likely to experience an ADG of 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. 

Gain Smart® Can Help 

Gain Smart® is a renowned brand of mineral supplements designed to enhance cattle health, optimize growth, and improve feed efficiency. Our products support commercial producers looking to maximize their operations. Best of all, Gain Smart products ensure balanced nutrition for livestock.  

The Gain Smart brand is developed by BioZyme® Inc., a leading fermentation company pioneering advancements in animal nutrition and health. Through innovative research and high-quality manufacturing, BioZyme creates powerful solutions that improve animal performance and support producer profitability in the agricultural industry.  

Our mission: undeniable positive impact on the health and wellness of your animals, and your business.  

Optimize Calf Weight Gain Per Day 

It’s important that your calves be gaining weight daily. After all, less gain and lower finish weights mean less profit. But how do you guarantee your calves gain weight? There are several factors that can help you optimize your calf weight gain per day:  


You will want to ensure that your cattle are healthy. Animal health and nutrition work synergistically. Be sure to provide the proper vaccinations at weaning or receiving and deworm your calves. 

At Gain Smart, we recommend establishing a veterinarian-client relationship. Once this relationship is established, it is effective for determining the best protocols to follow. 


The quality of your forage plays a significant role in weight gain and performance. High-quality pasture or hay can positively influence weight gain.  

Additionally, a quality vitamin and mineral supplement can keep your calves healthy and performing. That’s why we suggest the Gain Smart mineral. Gain Smart offers an ideal cattle weight gain supplement solution. 

What is Gain Smart? 

Gain Smart is a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for stocker cattle that promotes healthy, economical pounds. Gain Smart offers 4 different free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement formulas to fit any feeding scenario.  

The 4 Gain Smart formulas for stocker cattle include:    

  • Gain Smart Stocker, designed to maximize efficient gain.   
  • Gain Smart Stocker Wheat, designed to maximize efficient gain on wheat or small grain pasture.   
  • Gain Smart Stocker HEAT®, designed to maximize efficient gain when temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Contains HEAT technology, a combination of essential oils and garlic, to support animals when heat and insects are a challenge.   
  • Gain Smart Stocker Balancer RU1600, designed to maximize efficient gain and balance high grain diets when mixing TMR rations. Includes rumensin for improved feed efficiency.   

The Gain Smart Difference

All formulas offer the following key benefits:   

  • Powered AO-Biotics Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility.   
  • Include organic copper, iodine, and zinc for maximum bioavailability and hoof health.   
  • Provide nutritional support for a healthy immune system.   

Results Backed by Research  

Amaferm, the key ingredient in most of our BioZyme products, is research-proven to increase digestibility. As a prebiotic, it stimulates the growth of beneficial gut microbes. Research shows that it increases average daily gains by one-quarter (.25) pound per day.  

Wouldn’t you like to keep your cattle healthy and increase your calf weight gain per day by one-quarter of a pound just by providing a mineral with Amaferm? 

Increase your Calf Weight Gain per Day, the Smart Way!   

Have we convinced you that Gain Smart powered by Amaferm is the best cattle feed for weight gain? We hope so! Now that you know about Gain Smart, you can get your calves gaining today.   

Gain Smart is available at one of our local BioZyme Dealers. Locate the dealer nearest you.    

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