Gain Smart Mineral: Which One Should You Use?

Pounds of gain equal pounds of product, and pounds of product equal dollars in the bank. BioZyme® Inc., understands that those in the beef industry are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, and with that in mind, offer the Gain Smart® mineral line for stockers and backgrounders.

There are four mineral options: Gain Smart Stocker, Gain Smart Stocker HEAT®, Gain Smart Wheat and Gain Smart Balancer RU 1600. All three minerals are designed to balance basic nutrient needs for maximum efficiency. And all three minerals come with Amaferm®, a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. Amaferm is research-proven to promote calf health and vigor, stimulate digestion and increase nutrient uptake for optimum gain.

“The Amaferm advantage is designed to increase intake, increase digestibility and increase absorption of nutrients,” said Twig Marston, Beef Business Development & Field Support.

All four minerals contain organic copper and zinc and an extensive suite of vitamins including A, D and E. They will promote calf health and vigor, stimulate digestion and increase nutrient uptake for optimum gain, support hoof health and immunity and accurately supplement those minerals lacking in the pasture and rectify mineral imbalances.

Gain Smart Stocker is designed for those who are feeding a medium to high forage diet, and works well for both cool-season and warm-season grasses. It can be fed from spring through the fall, and on calves up to 1,000 pounds. It is the most versatile of the three, and can be fed in multiple places under multiple conditions. Research has shown it can increase gains by 0.2 pound per day, depending on forage availability and quality. It is also available with HEAT to combat heat stress at temperatures of 70 degrees and warmer or anytime cattle are grazing fescue.

Gain Smart Wheat is formulated for a higher-quality forage diet rich in protein and nitrogen such as wheat, small grains and legumes. It has a different calcium to phosphorus ratio than the Stocker Mineral, since it is being fed to cattle on higher quality forages. It includes extra magnesium to help balance the nutrients in the diets, and should be fed in spring and early summer.

Gain Smart Balancer RU1600 is designed for those calves that are being backgrounded or fed in a dry lot situation and fed a mixed-grain ration. The Balancer compliments the co-products like distiller’s grain and cereal by products and also works well with fermented feed like silage. Unlike the first two minerals it contains no phosphorus, but does have higher levels of calcium. The Balancer includes Rumensin for increased feed efficiency at heavier weights, and can be fed to bigger calves.

All four Gain Smart Mineral options will help your calves stay healthier, gain faster and put money in your pocket sooner.

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